Life of Crime

by Goolagoon

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Bass-Big Sherry

Recorded, produced, mixed and mastered by Nat Peirce at Cats'N'Jammers in Merrimac, MA.

Guest vocals on "Help Wanted" by Oscar of Fissure


released June 28, 2016



all rights reserved


Goolagoon Boston, Massachusetts


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Track Name: Suds
Numb from day to day
Sleep through days to weeks
Carry on in apathy
In search of fleeting peaks
The peaks lead to lows
They leave cracks, they leave holes
I am living so slowly so surely I'm stripped to the bone
Sick skin
Grow thin
Grow cold
Track Name: Big Pink Loser
Every fucking day I try
Close my eyes, clear my mind
Sick of feeling sick each night
Why can't I leave this behind?
Get the fuck out of my life
Track Name: No Weenies Allowed
The kids had their say and the shit fucking sucks
If you're looking for unity you're shit out of luck
No inclusion lack of fun
Throwback fucking jacket club
No shows unless you know someone
Fuck elitist stuck up punks
Always out of step with the newest wave
‘Cause there's no Xs on my hands, no staying true to the grave
I’m at my boiling point, no fucking options for me
Is this my world? No fucking way because we're not SSD
I don't give a fuck about your vest
Track Name: Help Wanted
No luck
Fucked up
Perpetuate consistent situations of hell
Promises of getting better ain't holding up well
Swallow every pill drink every bottle on the shelf
Do whatever you can to keep fucking yourself
Never heard of moderation
Don't care for self preservation
Ingest without hesitation
Forming fucked up situations
No luck
Full cup
Life sucks
Drink up
Track Name: Culture Shock
Your fuck up aesthetic is fucking pathetic
Really fucking cool to have nothing together
Quirky and unique to be garbage forever
Waste of space
Waste of time
No Drive
Waste of life
Hip suicide
No care for life
Fashionably buried in the dirt
Track Name: Pressure
Piling up
Endless obligations
Constant commitment
Overbearing expectations
Robotic assessment completion of bullshit
When the fuck will things I do have any form of meaning?
Evaluate my worthless life in Socratic meetings
Solid GPA, impressive resume
But when my life is over not a thing will have changed
Accomplishing nothing
Track Name: Survival of the Idiots
Fuck what they say
‘Cause you just want more
Doesn't matter if you're dead as long as you aren't poor
Landfill world
Paid solutions off
Twenty years ago
And thanks to your mindset only got a couple more
Only option we have left is bullets in our fucking heads
Track Name: Life of Crime
Fuck right off
Nice guys everywhere
Nod their heads pretend to care
Hold your presence like a prize
Brag and compare with the guys
Don't bother asking any questions
Won't open ears for a reply
Your smile carries sick intentions
What a fucking nice guy
Death to every egotistic prick in this world
Who thinks it's perfectly okay to push and pull every girl
Every worthless piece of shit who fights for what he can get
Want some action? here's our hands around your fucking necks